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The Epie Tech & Art Studio (Chinese:小六艺术工作室) was registered in 2018 and started the art classes in Jan, 2019.

The owner and the principal artist of the Studio is Dylan Zhang (Chinese name: 小六 ). Dylan holds a PhD degree, and is both a software engineer/computer scientist and a visual artist, and he is well known for his mixed media artwork. Dylan creatively combines traditional Chinese paper cutting with modern western painting, using paper cut, watercolor and acrylic, to generate an extraordinary art form of mixed media.

Current classes in the Studio include painting(drawing & watercolor painting), creative workshop (clay sculpture, paper sculpture and embroidery) and multimedia workshop(animation, digital design and coding). The Studio is open Monday through Friday (3:30PM-5:30PM) and on Saturday (11:00AM-12:30PM). There are free parking spots available for students.

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