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Frequently asked questions

1.How to sign up for a class?

Please send us email to make an appointment first. We need to know better about the student and then let the the student join the best suitable class. Please go to the Contact Us page for more contact information.

If you use Wechat, you are also welcome to contact us on Wechat. The studio Wechat ID: dylangeon. When you add us to your contacts, please mention "Class information".

2.Where is the studio  located?

Our Address:  6016 Roosevelt St., Bethesda, MD, USA.

3. Can I bring my kids to the studio when I am have the adult classes?

Unfortunately, No.

4. Is food provided?

Yes, water and snacks will be provided as needed for free .

5. Is there any referral credit?

Yes, if you successfully refer a student, you will get a referral bonus card of value $15, and you can use it for your tuition in our studio.

6. Is there any family credit?

Yes, there would be 10% off the cost of every class, for the second family member.

7. Is parking available?

Yes, free parking is available. please click here for more information. 

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