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小画家作品介绍--舞鞋(Pointe Shoes)

Hi guys! My name is Chichi (Chenyi) Wu! You probably have heard of me before on my other drawing called “the shoe”. For this drawing, I drew pointe shoes. And this article is based off of that. In this drawing, I didn't use much materials, almost the same as the ones for “the shoe” but technically different! Here is what you’ll need! Strathmore Drawing Paper; Qtips (to shade); A pencil ; And an eraser. Also, the length of the paper was  12 ½  inches. The width of the paper I used was  9½  inches. I didn't really have a background, because I wanted this to be all pencil and shading. You can see that I shaded quite a lot in this drawing! What inspired me to draw this piece of art, was my love of ballet. I just recently started ballet and I am very grateful to be doing so. Pointe shoes are actually one of my most favorite things to draw. I searched this up online quite a lot considering that I loved seeing pointe shoes so much! I hope you all enjoyed reading this article about my pointe shoes!

大家好!我是Chichi (陈薏)务. 你们在这之前可能已经看过我画的“鞋”了,这次我画的是“芭蕾舞鞋”。                     

在这幅画里我没有用很多材料,基本上和上次一样,但是技巧上不同。      我画这幅画的灵感是:我非常喜欢芭蕾,最近也开始了跳芭蕾, 我非常感恩我可以做这些。 怎样把它画好我也参考了网上的一些信息。 希望大家喜欢我的画及我写的东西!

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