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小画家作品介绍--鞋(Young Artist Artwork--Shoe)

The Shoe (color pencils on paper, 12.5X9.5in, by Chichi)

Hi guys! My name is Chichi Wu and this is based on my drawing called “The Shoe!”

So, for this drawing, I didn't use much materials. But, I recommend using thicker paper because you are going to be shading in layers. Here are the materials I used: 

Strathmore Drawing paper

Prismacolor Pencils

A regular pencil for sketching

Also, the length of  the paper was 12 ½  inches. The width of the paper I used was  9½  inches.

Also, for the background, I used something called soft pastel. Soft pastel is kind of like chalk, because it is soft and it blends well. You can see that I blended pink and purple quite nicely!

What inspired me to draw this shoe, was basically the winter. I am very very grateful to have my warm fuzzy shoes in the winter. I always hope that other people have warm,fuzzy, comfortable shoes to wear. I hope you all enjoyed reading this to know what I used to make the shoe, and why!


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